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This Frenquestly Asked Questions section is the right place to answer most of your questions regarding Ebbo Maroc.

1. Where to find Ebbo Maroc S.A products on the market?

Thanks to its efficient distribution circuit, EMSA aims to cover the entire Moroccan territory by developing a sales force present on all traditional and modern distribution circuits: Wholesale, Retail…

2. What are EMSA’s requirements for a new customer?

– Respect and development of the Ebbo Maroc S.A image

– Highlighting Ebbo Maroc S.A products

– Respect for the quality of Ebbo Maroc S.A products: Storage procedures, expiry dates…

– Insurance of the best possible cover on the market

– Win-win partnership

3. Why choose Ebbo Maroc S.A products?

– Flexibility and rapid adaptation to the target market (adaptation of products, creation of new products dedicated to export markets, modification of grammages, adaptation of transport conditions, etc.)

– Innovative products at an unbeatable price / quality ratio

– Promotional means

4. Where can I buy EMSA products?

We strive to make our products available to everyone. You will surely find an assortment in your supermarket, gas station or kiosk…

5. What ingredients are used in EMSA products?

You can consult the list of ingredients on our product pages or on the back of each product.

6. Where can I find the nutritional information of the products?

Nutritional values are available on the product pages of this website and on the back of most packages.

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